The Philosophy of Education

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Philosophy plays a crucial role in the creation of our teaching programs, it helps us see the true goal of our roles as teachers.

‘With the correct philosophy, mindset and perspective of what teaching truly is, we soon see that the world is ours to change as we see fit!’

In 1806, John Stuart Mill wrote, ‘It is in my best interest to be a good person, because by doing so, I will promote being good, to the greatest number of people.’

‘Being good is a deal we make with the rest of society but the question is, who goes first?’

The answer is it’s us, teachers! ❤️ (we are all teachers deep down)

Teachers play a vital role in promoting what is good and what is not? The most valuable lesson we can ever teach the students before us is that:

‘being a good person (no matter how big or small) will eventually improve the world for everyone, but it may take a little time!

Whatever you do today, whatever work you complete and whatever games you play on the playground, just make sure that it makes someone’s day a little better!

If we aim for this as our overarching learning objective, then everything else will fall into place beautifully! ❤️

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Parents will soon see children growing towards their full potential. Compassionate, empathetic and independent learners who feel that they have the power to make a difference in the world – this is every parent’s dream.