The Potential in Every Child

The Potential in Every Child

By Gavin McCormack

Imagine if there was a way to prepare the environment around you to maximise every minute you spend with your children. Inspired by the Montessori method, this book enables parents to utilise the world around them to allow children to develop the essential skills for life; independence, responsibility and a sense of wonder.

Parents will soon see children growing towards their full potential. Compassionate, empathetic and independent learners who feel that they have the power to make a difference in the world – this is every parent’s dream.

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Really enjoyable read full of accessible tips for parents that we sometimes forget! The illustrations are really excellent too, I think it would make a great gift for new parents.

Jack Butler

Enjoyed reading this book a lot, awesome book.

Maja Ackovic

Such a practical and hands-on realistic approach to support students in helping them achieve the best version of themselves. The author's passion for bringing out the very best in every child is evident throughout this great book. A must read. ! Mark Hansen (Father of four, Deputy principal and author of "Math For All: Even these Four")


Gavin McCormack's view on the way education should be offered to young people is inspirational! The man changed my views on education and inspired me to challenge the status quo and start bringing a change to society in levelling the playing field between the disadvantaged and advantaged. We need to start helping students find their passions and their niche in order to really support them live fulfilling lives. Great work GM

Tajinder Juttla

It's easy to see why Gavin has become such a recognisable name in education: his experience shows in this timely book about actionable routines and skills we can all use to encourage our children towards being empathetic, independent citizens. This beautifully-illustrated, Montessori-inspired book will help you identify and develop the 'potential in every child'. Mark Hansen (Father of four, Deputy principal and author of "Math For All: Even these Four")

Mark Hansen

Childhood upbringing is so essential. Minute details play a vital role. For instance, Raising your child to have an opinion or preparing your child to share social connections is so crucial that it makes them who they are and will help them realise their purpose. “The Potential in Every Child” is just a brilliant portrayal of the book that could make a child ready for life. The book is powerful beyond measures. Thank you for this beautiful gift to the world, Gavin. 🙂

Anusha Shrestha

If you want to raise inquisitive, compassionate and resilient children then this is the book for you. The book is brimming with helpful suggestions, ways to communicate with your child, and is written in positive, encouraging prose. The author, Gavin McCormack, is not only a school principal, but a genuine Montessori practitioner, having lectured on the subject in Ted talks and taught its principals to other enthusiastic teachers. He is a genuine philanthropist, raising money and funding construction of schools in Nepal and he cares deeply about raising an educated and courageous future generation wherever those children may be based.


Gavin has written a very inspiring book. It is beautifully put together. Simple and easy to understand. It is highly recommended.

Manette Fraser

This is truly a book that every parent will appreciate; a great insight into the Montessori methods of teaching and parenting, to inspire children to reach their full potential. Love it.

Tanya Natalie

I am thrilled to see that Gavin McCormack has created another book, he is a one of a kind author. This book is so inspiring. Thanks Gavin

Mya Mahfoud

Such a good read! Written so well, simple yet very informative. Thoroughly enjoyed it. beautifully put together book with a lovely message and guidance Highly recommended.


For everyone who loves children For everyone who works in education For every parent/caregiver who shows love for his or her child For all who support the vision of Dr Maria Montessori This wonderfull book is a must have! Martine Lammerts- Montessori Director in The Netherlands

Martine Lammerts

I am glad to see that one of my favourite children authors has created another book. This book was so interesting to read and it was really engaging for the kids they absolutely loved it. Can’t wait for Gavins future books.


I got this book to help me create a more fun learning environment for my daughter. Wow was I not disappointed! So many great, practical ideas our whole family can benefit from, mixed in with some unique approaches to learning. It's a must have if you want to give your kids the best chance for success and nurture their potential.


I'm glad to see Mr Gavin McCormack has written a book with his more than two decades of experience as a teacher to begin with and now as one of the phenomenal leader of primary school. His thoughts of how to handle your child is so simple and interesting that parenting becomes an effortless process. He interestingly connects each step towards evolvement as a parent so safe and secured that it will establish a harmonious relationship between the child, parent and the childhood of the child. Thank you Gavin for a book to treasure.

Dr. Priti

Frequently Asked Questions

The book is perfect for any parents looking to establish a home environment and routine designed to educate the whole child towards reaching their full potential.

The book is written with the development of 100 of the most important essential skills in mind. Whilst we cannot predict the future, we do know that there will always be a need for skills such as empathy, love, compassion and independence. The book is designed to assist families in establishing routines that allow children to develop these skills organically.

With over 25 years’ experience in the classroom, Gavin McCormack (A Montessori Teacher) brings his experience and research in Montessori education to life in this wonderfully illustrated parenting guide.

This hardback, fully illustrated book has over 200 pages of advice for parents, families and prospective parents designed to provide easy to digest methodology around bringing the Montessori method into your household. 

The Potential in Every Child

There is never a better time to establish a routine based around the development of essential skills in your home. The book is applicable to parents of children between the ages of 2-12 yrs., but also makes a wonderful gift for any prospective parents or classroom teachers.

Once your book has been ordered, it will be shipped within 7-10 days. All customers will be sent tracking information regarding the progress of their order. 

If your book fails to arrive, simply contact us and we will track your order down and resend if required?

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